High Fiber, High Protein and Lower in Carbs. I used this recipe to wean myself off of bread completely.

coc bread


Through a clean diet and moderate exercise I was back to my pre-pregancy weight when my son was 4 months old, but I wanted to lose a few more pounds, so I decided one more time to try  a low-carb diet, something I have never been successful at. I looooooooooved bread (note that love is past tense) and I searched high and low for a way in which I could consume my favourite comfort food without those pesky carbs. I was just about to bid farewell to mon amour (the french baguette) when a glorious ingredient fell upon my ample lap…

…I have a good friend who had gestational diabetes throughout both of her pregnancies and with her second child it decided to stick around. She now completely controls her diabetes through diet (I do not recommend trying this, always follow the advice of your Doctor) but his girl is tenaciously unwilling to yield to anything that stands in her way, God I love that woman!

Anywho, she incorporates coconut flour in small amounts to some of her recipes and introduced me to this perfect ingredient one afternoon while I was gluttonously stuffing my face with her guilt-free peanut butter cookies. I rolled home and did some research and I was thrilled by what I found!


The link above is to the creditworthy Livestrong website, which I would like to add no longer has any connection to Lance Armstrong (another thing I do not recommend is blood doping)

Coconut flour is through the roof high in fiber, has a very low concentration of digestible carbohydrates, and a significant amount of protein. It is also great for people with celiac disease as coconut flour does not contain gluten and can be used in most recipes that call for wheat flour.

One thing to keep in mind is that it does not rise well, so it makes a very dense, short loaf, but you can cut it in half and slice it lengthwise if you want to use it on a sandwich. I have two small slices with a little nut butter in the morning keeps me full for hours. I would say the fullness factor unquestionably holds up to that of a breakfast sandwich from Micky Dee’s …oh I’ve done it!

Here is my modified version of a recipe I found online:

6 Eggs

1/4 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup coconut or almond milk or applesauce (you must have one of these ingredients in your fridge)

1/3 cup ground flax seeds (optional, but it really packs a fiber-filled punch)

3/4 cup of coconut flour

Blend all ingredients well and bake at 350° for 40 minutes, let cool and refrigerate. Because of the eggs this loaf is not the kind you can leave on your counter, it will most definitely spoil.

It also doubles as a deliciously bouquet in an olfactory way 😉