To me, having a baby was also the re-birth of myself, I have had to master life in an altogether new way. As a new mom I am forced to do an all encompassing lifestyle overhaul; I’ve had to re-wire my brains and learn to think, play, eat, sleep, move and even speak differently and do this all while carrying a baby on my hip. And what about cooking, shopping, exercising, building relationships, can I still do all these things without making time stand still?

I want to share with you the tricks I have picked up and spare you the time I spent in fine tuning them; So I guess in a sense I am one step closer  to “taming the continuum of time” at least for you.

The following is a list of a few topics of which I post blogs and tutorials:

Grain-free Recipes

Quick, easy and nutritious snacks for toddlers

Fitting in fitness and incorporating baby into your routine

Discussions on child development

Consuming Wisely: Product reviews


…you know? Mumzstuff!