The man decided to whip up a delicious sausage and chicken pasta sauce this evening and as I stalked the aromatic pot, I once again found my self searching for a loop hole through which I could devour a sumptuous plate of noodly love without the noodle.

Spaghetti Squash; They call it that for a reason.

You can pick up spaghetti squash for under a dollar a pound this time of year and they last on your counter for a couple of weeks, so go grab a few now!


Cut the squash in half lengthwise (make sure you use a good knife, they are very hard), remove the seeds and bake rind side up at 375° for 30-40 minutes. Let cool slightly and run a fork crosswise to create long noodly (this is not a real word) strands. If you are left with the skin having more than very little meat on it, it will need more time in the oven. Once you have created your strands you can throw on your favorite sauce and enjoy!

If you want to get fancy with this one you can toss the “noodles” back into the rinds, slap on a healthy portion of sauce and top with cheese (the best thing about a grain-free diet is that you can eat as much cheese and meat as you want) and bake for about 10 more minutes.

The extra time you spend on this fancy version will be saved on the bowls you won’t have to wash!


If you are following the Paleo Diet, just eliminate the cheese.

Buon Appetito!