I have to start out by saying that my most favourite thing of 2012 and the ONLY thing that really matters would be my son, Jack. He was born at the beginning of April and has changed my life in so many positive ways that no words are worthy of describing. He is my world and will continue to be at the top of my favourites list for all eternity.


With that being said, let’s get to the superficial stuff:

I know this post is a little late, but luckily for me, fellow Mumz almost always understand when another Mum is late, so thank you for that 🙂

2012 Faves

Favourite Exercise – Jump Squats:

100 Jump squats/day keeps the jiggle butt away! Jump Squats are a plyometric exercise and also a great aerobic way to get that heart rate up, burn calories, and tighten your butt and thighs at the same time. I do them in sets of 25 with a 1 minute break in between. I would advise that you look up the correct way to do these so you do not hurt yourself.

If you have a baby, this can be very entertaining for them to watch. You can sit the baby in a bouncy chair, exer-saucer or even high chair (I have cycled through all 3) and play peek-a-boo in front as you jump; Jack thinks this is hilarious, which makes it more fun for me as well.

Favourite Kitchen Utensil – The Mandoline Slicer:

This mandoline slicer is a must for anyone on a grain free, or even just a low-carb diet. This little gadget has allowed me to get creative with my vegetables, which by and large have replaced grains in my regime.

The mandoline has 2 slicing functions, one for flat slices (great for chips) and one for julienne slicing. There also 3 different settings to control the thickness of the slice.  I make vegetable noodles, sushi fixings, cauliflower rice and vegetable chips with it.

I paid $30 for my basic slicer, which is far exceeded by it’s value, but since I do use it so frequently I am thinking of upgrading to a better one in the new year – my finger tips will thank me.

Favourite Super Food – Chia Seeds:

Chia actually got it’s name from the mayan word strength. This tiny little seed packs a huge nutritional punch. They are a significant source protein, fiber and calcium and contain more omega 3 and 6 than salmon or flax seeds (and you don’t have to grind them to reap the benefits). Chia seeds have more antioxidants than blueberries or cranberries (and have a much longer shelf life) and are loaded with iron. A single chia seeds can absorb up to 12 times its own weight in, which makes them more filling and curbs your appetite. The seeds have virtually no taste, so they are easy to use in almost anything. I use them in yogurt, salads, shakes and baked goods, soups etc…

Favourite all around ingredient – Coconut:

Coconut has become super mainstream for health foodies in the past few years and I gladly ride that coconut boat. This perfectly balanced drupe (yes that’s right “drupe” – look it up, I did) comes in many forms and consequently has many uses. I use the flour in baked goods and as a gravy thickener, I use the oil on almost all my vegetables and in my sauces; I even use it for make-up remover, skin lotion, homemade deodorant and it can be used for oil pulling (morning mouth rinse for pulling toxins). I use the flakes in cookies, sauces and as an exfoliant. Coconut water makes a great sports drink alternative uhhhhhh (Gasp for air)…and the list goes on, and then there is the even longer list of health benefits. Covering everything would require an entire post and to some an entire web page, so you get the idea 🙂

2013 resolutions

For My Family:

Reconnecting with my hubby – My son is at an age now where he is really starting to be aware of his surroundings and the actions and moods of others, so it is more important than ever to show affection between Mom and Dad and display how a warm and loving marriage works, so he will have the tools he needs in the future to make an ideal partner for someone one day.

Now that I am breastfeeding less often we are able to leave him with his grandparents for an afternoon or an evening to spend time alone as a couple; needless to say that afternoon “naps” and evenings out are on the agenda with romance and rekindling on the menu.

For Me

Drink more water – breast feeding can be very dehydrating and it is hard to keep up with my water intake, but it is so important for my health and energy levels, which I need to keep up with my very busy 9 month old.

Get more sleep: I tend to stay up for a few hours after we put my son to bed, just to feel like I have some time to myself. I also tend to waste this time and doddle doing useless stuff, so my goal is to prioritize a little better and do the things I really need to do in a more efficient manner and I go to bed no later than 1 hour after my Son. 1 extra hour a night can make the next day so much easier.

Take my vitamins: Calcium Complex, extra magnesium, manganese, prenatal vitamins; no I am not pregnant, but it is recommended to take them through breast-feeding, and lastly vitamin D-drops for both my Son and I (also recommended while breastfeeding).

For You!

I would like to expand my horizons when it comes to cooking and ingredient lists and be more creative with my recipes. To start this off right I will be joining forces with my Venezuelan girlfriend next week to make Grain-Free Arepas. Que bueno!

I will also doing more product reviews and running 30 day trials on lotions and potions, as well as creating healing potations and mummilicious libations Woooo-hoooo!

Stay Tuned…

Oh, and Happy New year!