So I am now finished my trial of the raw honey morning mask and I am so happy with the results. My skin is super clear and clean, the pores are minimized and it has smoother and softer texture. My freckles and sun spots have lightened slightly, which gives it more even tone and complexion. I can’t say it has done much for fine lines, but I was not expecting a miracle here – That may require a trip to the med. spa shhhhhhhh!

I will definitely continue with the honey mask every few days to maintain my new glow. I found that this works great as a skin brightener and perfect to use as a refresher before going out. One of the almost immediate effects of this mask is the reduced puffiness around my eyes, which is why I usually do it in the morning; I applied it to the lids and under eye area with no irritation or stinging whatsoever.

I used less than 1/2 a cup of honey in the entire 30 day trial, which would cost maybe $2 and I recommend it before any of the store bought treatments I have tried, which are upwards of $50.

Stay tuned for the next all natural, homemade, cost effective beautifying solutions and treatments, which I am currently concocting and testing – coming soon.