A homemade, sweetly-scented, sexy, summer shimmer.

A few posts ago I mentioned that I was experimenting with homemade face creams, and promised to post, but what happened was that I just ended up purchasing copious amounts of ingredients, with which I was only able to produce solutions that were too heavy and my skin could not tolerate. It was easier and cheaper to just buy my own. I found this facial moisturizer for $11.50 at the health food store and I loooooooove it!

Who knows what will come of all of these ingredients. I should have listened to my husband when he said “simple is always best” (he is always right – it drives me crazy).

2013-05-24 21.17.34


Whilst cleaning out the bathroom cabinet, making room for all of my new skincare constituents (uuurrrgh), a lightbulb went off when I stumbled upon the following ingredients, perfect for a homemade summer body butter – YUM!

Although it is not of the facial variety that I promised, I decided to share it with you anyways, so I wouldn’t fall completely short on my commitment to post a creamy creation.

the ingredients:

2013-05-24 21.22.11

Coconut oil- I use this all over my body in the summertime; it is very hydrating and smells like heaven.

Cocoa butter- I buy this super emollient in pastille form, it is just over 5 dollars for a baggy of approximately 25 at the health food store (it is less expensive than the tub and easier to use in recipes). I use it under my eyes and on dry spots like elbows, knees, and heels.

Shimmering powder: I never use this (don’t ask me why I own so much of it), it makes me look like Hawaiian Tropic Barbie competing for a title in a fitness competition.

The downfalls to these ingredients:

The coconut oil is a bit too oily and can be messy, and the cocoa pastilles are a little time consuming, since they are solid at room temperature and require hand-warming before using, and the shimmering powder is just too intense; so I decided to combine the these three ingredients to create the perfect creamy consistency with a sweet summery scent and a sexy little shine. I also added a few drops of vanilla extract (optional).

I recommend going lighter than heavier on the shimmer powder – let’s face it ladies, having a deep tan is no longer considered attractive, it’s all about looking sexy without looking like you’ve put too much effort into it, or spend hours in the fake and bake oven.


Warm equal parts coconut oil and cocoa pastilles in the microwave for 15-30 seconds. Add the shimmering powder and the 2-3 drops of vanilla extract (if you choose to). And stir every few minutes while it cools and thickens. If you are unhappy with the consistency, you can play around with ratios until it is right for you. That’s it – easy peasy!


Use it all over your body (your legs will look amazing), on your cheekbones and even on the ends of your hair for extra shine.

Your man will want to eat up, and he can (if you decide to go without the shimmer, that is, which is obviously not food grade).