I should really listen to Jack more often.

My husband is always on my case for moving too fast; and if you have kids running around the house, you probably feel like you do not have a moment for yourself. And since we can’t slow the continuum of time (as discussed in previous posts), we often feel that to accomplish all of the chores we need to execute in one day, our only option is to speed up. This can make our lives feel very chaotic and cause a great deal of animosity and unnecessary anxiety.

Last week I received an email from, guess who?, with the following video attached. As I played the video, I also checked my emails, paid a few bills, and browsed my Facebook news feed, and by the time the message registered (after 3 or 4 plays), I was finally prompted to sit down and watch video in its entirety, giving it my full attention. I then realized that I was a perfect example for the topic of discussion.

This video has made me really think about how I can slow down and “get in touch with my inner tortoise” as Carl Honore refers to it. He touches on relationships, interactions with our families, the slow food movement, and many other imperative aspects of life that we hotfoot through on a daily basis.

If you feel like your days are all over the map and you can’t keep things in check, this notion may help. Sometimes we just need a little reminder, or that extra nudge to stay productive and effective; so hopefully you will slow down, sit down, and watch this video from start to finish. I think this could be a very useful tool for some; I wouldn’t be posting it if I didn’t think it may help just one fellow Mum out there.

“Enjoy and Savour”