So we have all pinned and instagram’d a million workouts that we are never going to do, right?

Why? Because it requires us to make those extra steps of looking it up and planning it out and we all know that even the smallest inconvenience can be an excuse to kibosh our intended workout.

The Power 20 Method has a list of intense 20 minutes workout apps that target specific areas or workout types. Here is a list of what they are offering (most are free btw):

Better Butt Workout (my fave)power 20

Awesome Arms

Amazing Abs


Full Body

Meditation and Sleep Aid

No thinking or planning involved. These apps do everything, aside from the physical act, for you. This includes timing your sets and rests. You just press the button and go for 20 minutes. The exercises are shown on a digitized video, so you can keep pace. All you need is your phone and a mat.

My workouts have to be pretty much a click away or something else will easily distract me and I will either put it off, or just not do it all together.

I wanted to share this, as I have found this app. to be the most user friendly and straight forward of any I have tried to date (I am totally dating this app) It has helped me kick start my routine again.

Shameless Selfie to follow!