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The Power 20 Method – “Badass workouts for busy people”

So we have all pinned and instagram’d a million workouts that we are never going to do, right?

Why? Because it requires us to make those extra steps of looking it up and planning it out and we all know that even the smallest inconvenience can be an excuse to kibosh our intended workout.

The Power 20 Method has a list of intense 20 minutes workout apps that target specific areas or workout types. Here is a list of what they are offering (most are free btw):

Better Butt Workout (my fave)power 20

Awesome Arms

Amazing Abs


Full Body

Meditation and Sleep Aid

No thinking or planning involved. These apps do everything, aside from the physical act, for you. This includes timing your sets and rests. You just press the button and go for 20 minutes. The exercises are shown on a digitized video, so you can keep pace. All you need is your phone and a mat.

My workouts have to be pretty much a click away or something else will easily distract me and I will either put it off, or just not do it all together.

I wanted to share this, as I have found this app. to be the most user friendly and straight forward of any I have tried to date (I am totally dating this app) It has helped me kick start my routine again.

Shameless Selfie to follow!


Homemade Bug Spray Recipes That Work | Wellness Mama

My Poor little guy is literally scratching off the bites at night and leaving gaping wounds 😦

I found a few simple and other not so simple recipes on this site, whichever your preference, this link has lots to choose from.

Homemade Bug Spray Recipes That Work | Wellness Mama.

detox bath for kids

Check it out on Kulamama – detox bath for kids.

I did not realize the importance of de-chlorinating the bath water before plunking a child in it.

This great site was discovered by DAD. He should be “Mommy Blogger”.

Introducing the New Whole30 Book! | The Whole30® Program

Introducing the New Whole30 Book! | The Whole30® Program.

Looking forward to meeting Melissa Hartwig today, co-author of Whole 30, and having her sign my book. She will be in Toronto at the Bay and Bloor Indigo.

I hope she doesn’t mind bear hugs from random followers 😉


Why Smart Women Let Men Treat Them Badly | Vivid Life

A great little article about self-love.

Why Smart Women Let Men Treat Them Badly | Vivid Life.

The Many Types of Paleo

The Many Types of Paleo | Ultimate Paleo Guide.

Joel Runyon of the Ultimate Paleo Guide has now clarified things for me.

Find out which type of Paleo you are, or would like to be in Joel’s reference chart below!

I am ‘Normal Paleo’…and Primal on the weekends:) Would you like some cheese with that wine? Yes please.

Thanks Joel!

Types of Paleo


Pancake’s without Penance


To some, Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday is a time for introspection, confession and penance.

Pancake Day is also called Fat Tuesday / Mardi Gras; a time for that one last carb-binge before the Lent fast.

I say; let us simply celebrate this day, as we should everyday, without the aforementioned self-punitive rituals; free of self-reproach, self-indulgence and self-deprivation / fasting.

Let us eat pancakes!
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Coconut Flour Bread

I have recently started following trying my darndest to follow a paleo regime, rather than just grain-free, but having intense carbohydrate cravings – I am talk’n pasta sandwich sized cravings here, especially in the afternoons. This is in-part due to cutting out my 2pm chunk of chocolate heaven habit (soma chocolate LOVE).

Thai Stick (above), my fave. I miss you.

I haven’t made a paleo-loaf in a few months, but it has helped to quiet my sugar-plum trolls in the past and if there were ever a time I really needed it, that time is now!

I am re-posting my original blog to let you know that I have since modified the ingredients slightly to make a fluffier/easier to swallow (eeeeek) loaf. I have made it considerably more palatable by adding a little more coconut oil and eliminating the ground flax seeds (I can add those to anything).

Mix all of these ingredients well and bake in a bread pan at 350 for 40 minutes:

6 eggs

1/2 cup extra virgin organic coconut oil (melted)

2 tsp. raw honey, or paleo sweetener of your choice

3/4 cup of coconut flour.


High Fiber, High Protein and Lower in Carbs. I used this recipe to wean myself off of bread completely.

coc bread

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These are Sweet and Simple – I love recipe’s with brief and manageable ingredient lists.
I had everything the recipe calls for in stock, except for the cherries, which I replaced with organic dried cranberries; they still turned out great.

Here is the link to the original recipe from

Dried Cherry Crackers with a Fresh Nectarine Salad and Pine Nut Cheese —Raw Food Rawmazing Raw Food.

Here are mine:



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